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Talkback: Having children does make us happier


  • I agree,I'm a much happier bunny now the my lads are here! But marriage-nah not for me!!!!
  • I agree, I never felt quite fulfilled until I had my daughter and but once she was born I suddenly felt like I knew what life was all about and having a baby was better than any career!
  • Omg snap!!!!! I always thought I loved my job,my constant work filled life-so not true now!!!!

    It's as if they made me who I am. Sounds corny,but true!!!

  • And I doubt marriage makes the slightest bit of difference-for if that was true divorce stats would be lower surely???image
  • Yeah, you've got a good point there actually!image
  • Don't know about three the magic number.Three was when the fun became more hard work.Can't say I'm unhappy with any of it.Am I supposed to be twice as happy,or somehow miserable with twice as many kids plus one?image

    We chose to get married when we wanted to.When Iwas pregnant the first time Darren said should we get married,just cos it was expected I suppose.But that's the wrong reason to get married.You have to get married because that's what you want to do.

    I am happier with children,they make you happy and make you laugh a dozen times a day or more. They're all I want from life.They're all I ever really wanted from life.I live my life the way I want to,and nothing can make you happier than that.image

  • Wise words Jo!

    Yeah I expect you to be even more happy than the rest of us-or more madimage 1 of them anyway!

    I have a bracelet that you should wear-it reads almost your very words-do what you love and love what you do!  Never a truer sayingimage

    If Ian were an orphan maybe marriage would hold some appealimage sorry that's just nasty!!!!

  • I was going to suggest it would be a mantra or something,but that's just wicked.Maybe a condition of marriage.I'm dithering whether to  click submit or not.I thought it was just me thinks stuff like that

  • I'm not sure married couples are happier after having a baby than couples who are just living together, as I imagine it's different for each individual couple. As for three being the magic number of children, it seems I need to get a move on and have some more! But I'll vouch for the fact that children definitely make you a much happier person!
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