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Talkback: Baby brain boosting DVDS may do more harm than good


  • Best stick to cbeebies then.They charge a fortune for those dvds cos people think they'll help their child

    Sticking your child in front of the tv  for long periods of time is never going to teach them more than they can learn from a wide variety of activities and toys,and lots of human interaction.Simply  expecting them to become geniuses just by watching a dvd is not going to happen.

  • thats a bit worrying,

    we have a baby einstein dvd but both of mine found it really boring, it only went on twice!

  • This is really scary - I've bought these sorts of DVDs for my daughter think ing i was doing her good! they may have taken the word educational off the marketing but they still lead parents to believe that they're doing their children good by watching them.
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