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Talkback: Mum leaves toddler in towed-away car


  • I left my baby in the pushchair in the school playground.imageI realised something was missing at the school gate.I also nearly forgot my then new born son at my Mum's house.image
  • my mother-in-law left my partner in his silver cross pram outside a shop many years ago, she even walked past the pram to get home, she got home made a cuppa then realised what was missing. he was still asleep in the pram and no one knew he had been left there lol.
  • I can understand that woman. She was probably so flustered at getting her car taken off her, she couldn't think straight.
  • Forgot my son in the supermarket carpark (in my car). My second I forgot to feed once (thankfully just a milk feed and not a proper meal!).

    My mum once left my brother at playgroup after picking me up!!
  • Not that kind of "mummy brain" image  I've forgotten if I've fed the baby or not and then fed baby again anyway - just in case but never forgotten a child somewhere.  Eek!!
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