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Talkback: LEGO and Duplo arrive at the MFM headquarters!


  • I bet the cake went down well mid morning. Is the lego a new design?
  • wow lovely cake...i have a cup of tea but can only imagine the taste of that cake......

    let us know about the lego .....i am thinking christmas for thomas
  • that cake looks so gorgeous!  where can we get them??

    i'm so jealous when i saw those pictures in facebook!

  • Cake look s lovely.

    Whirly's just seenthe picture. She says that looks yummy she wants a slice of that.image

    Can you buy them or is it a one off.

  • Cake looks yummy! Now i'm hungry image

    Hope you all enjoyed image

  • The cake was as yummy as it looked! Thanks to the Duplo/LEGO team for feeding our sweet tooths!

    The bits sent into us by the lovely Duplo/LEGO team were in fact Duplo bricks, which are a bigger version of LEGO aimed at a younger audience (18-months-5 years). They also have a Toy Story range which is super sweet - deffo one for the Christmas list!

    The range of Duplo can be seen here

     As for the cake - this one was made by a company called, The Cake Store, so check it out. 

    We're loving our blog - so make sure you check back daily for more updates on what the MFM team have been up to!

    Kyrsty @ MadeForMums x image

  • hi

    yea actualy cake is very testy pecies. so i will like it.

    and it very fantastic product in cake.
  • That cake looks lush!!!! Hope you all enjoyed it x
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