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Talkback: “I’m Blanket’s dad,” claims Michael Jackson’s bodyguard


  • What b***s*** the Kid looks like MJ ....what is wrong with the people
  • And biological parentage matters because...?

    Oh right, there's millions attached to the kid. Go figure. MJ is Blanket's Dad; personally, I believe he fathered the child too, but that part isn't as important.
  • this is ridiculous. blanket is IDENTICAL to MJ. why does everyone assume he is not the biologically father of his own children? prince and paris closely resemble him, especially their eyes
  • Nice try to start your article with "poor Blanket." If you really felt sympathy for this little boy, you wouldn't perpetuate gossip stories like this one. You don't really believe you're contributing to his well-being with your false platitudes, do you? Dear members of the media, I know clicks are important to you, and ratings are king, but don't let it take away your humanity. Children should be off-limits to this money-rubbing sensation-industry.
  • Until some DNA is done, stories like this really get on my nerves. Plus, it's so unfair to the kids. They are and will have to deal with so much. Someone write about who will have custody of MJ's kids once Katherine Jackson passes. She's 81-82 years old. Even if it's proven that a former bodyguard or whoever is the biological father of Blanket and the other two kids, so what? Will they get to know him? Will he play a role in their lives? Will he just want to "cash-in" and file for custody. Michael didn't realize the obstacles he set before his children. Aside from his incredible talent, he was an egotistical, narcissistic, delusional man that needed intense psychological help. I sincerely pray for Paris, Prince, and Blanket. They need guidance and stability, or else they may fall victim to the same self destructiveness of their late father.
  • he was an egotistical, narcissistic, delusional man that needed intense psychological help.

    and in saying that I would imagine he knew he had a probem, and most of the woman knew it as well,because none of them wanted children with him and most of them walked away.
  • Your statement shows that you have paid close attention to the media's twisted take on who Michael Jackson was and have neglected to find out for yourself. For sure, that's the way they have always painted him. But if you ask people who actually knew him you get a completely different story. That includes everyone who has worked with him and all his personal friends, of whom, I might add, he had many. What I have discovered in my research is that he was a loving, generous, highly intelligent and principled man who liked to think the best of people, whether they deserved it or not. I'm not a fan of his, but I have a lot of respect for the way he raised his children and the way he tried to keep on loving the world even after people who sound very much like you tried their best to tear him down.
  • Maybe he had problems with his appearance but the truth is he was innocent of those accusations. If people take a few minutes to educate themselves on that matter instead of spreading rumors, that would be their conclusion.

    Egotistic??? you don't give 300 MILLION to charity just because one day you woke up in a very good mood :)
  • It's well known that Matt Fiddes lost a court case involving the Jacksons and he vowed that he'd get back at them. Doesn't anybody in media do even cursory research these days? The man's a bald-faced liar, who thinks everyone else is stupid - Prince Jackson II, to give him his proper name, looks EXACTLY like his father, Michael Jackson.

    As for being "an egotistical, narcissistic, delusional man that needed intense psychological help", that's a perfect description of Matt Fiddes. Does he really think anyone would believe his sperm was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to Michael Jackson? It wasn't worth much to his own wife, by his own words. And of course, when African Americans think of athleticism, the first thing that comes to mind is a pasty-faced white Brit - not! Fiddes needs to get over himself.

    If Blanket or the other Jackson children were actually the offspring of the random guys who have crawled out of the woodwork, it would mean they aren't Michael Jackson's, and therefore they get no multi-million dollar inheritance. And Fiddes and the others owe a hell of a lot in back child support!
  • Genelein Woods: Well written statement that absoloutly says it all.

    Maybe MJ had a motive for putting himself in so much debt. when he obviously has tons of money. Everyone and there brother (including his) wanted him to pay their way through life. Very sad people in this world we must live in. And what would be so honorable about splitting up any of these children? How would that make their life better? Has anybody thought about the children? What if there were no money and there was $450 million dollars debt? Would all you losers still be interested in those kids? very sad
  • isn't enough that you people ruined Michael's life by spreading lies thru out his life? Why would you want to continue to do the same thru out his children's life. leave them alone. They have suffer enough as it is by losing there father. They don't need all this BS They are trying to live normal lives so leave them ALONE. They seem to be great loving kids the way that Michael raised them to be so why would you want to keep putting stuff in the papers and in the media that aren't true? Prince Paris and Blanket what ever you do don't believe everthing you read about what is said the media just write what they want people to think is true. You know the truth that you had a loving father and he is watching over you ever day and that he is very proud of what you are doing with your lives everyday. So you continue on with what you think he would want you to do and what you think is right. Don't believe what is written or said. May God be with you and your family. ITS ALL FOR LOVE

  • Um yehh, and Uri Geller is the mother!

    Lets compare -

    Fiddes as a kid vs Blanket

    MJ as a kid vs Blanket

    Matt Fiddes is DELUSIONAL
  • I don't understand why it's just now this man tells that he is the Blanket's father. It's curious, indeed! It's not true.
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