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Talkback: Flu jab confusion at pharmacies


  • i really want to have my 4 children vacinated a.s.a.p, so please can anybody tell me which pharmacists are giving the flu jab to children, thanks.
  • I have been told by local medical centre that i can have jab on NHS (33 weeks pregnant)but my 2 year old can not as she is not in a high risk group. Having spoken to the local boots, they were advising parents who enquired to go to a specialist at the hospital. Haven't managed to speak to anyone at the hospital who can help and cant get through to Superdrug. After 1 hr of calling around have given up for now. Why is something that seems so simple made so difficult?
  • I have been trying for 7 weeks now.My local private hospitals have both declined, so has our local supermarket and local GP. It seems to me that I will have to find a private childrens hospital which will mean taking a day from work and removing my child from school for a day
  • I have tried everywhere. My 14 month old is on an inhailer for wheeziness but as she can't be diagnosed as asthmatic until she is 2 yrs old she also doesn't qualify on the NHS even though the GP says she is more than likely asthmatic! I have tried everywhere to get a vaccine for my 2 but having no luck.
  • Hi, there must be somewhere that will vaccinate healty children!I want my 15 year old vaccinated, as she used to suffer quite bad asthma a few years ago.If an adult is present carn't see a problem.Please post if anyone finds somewhere. thanks
  • Hi Josephine, did u manage to find out where you can get healthy children vaccinated for swine flue? I have been looking everywhere for my 11yr child because i am worried for her, but i still havent had any luck. We live down Cornwall, can anyone help please? Thankyou
  • I have the same problem. i am from Essex and am trying to get my 4 year old son vaccinated. I finally found a Private hospital that are doing them but it;s going to cost me £170 as he has to have 2 injections 4 weeks apart. I think the Goverment should let all healthy under 5's have the vaccine at their normal GP's Practice without paying a ridiculous amount of money for it. I am unfortunatly not in employment at the moment and will have to borrow the money to pay for it. Naturally i would, without question, pay anything for the health of my child but some of my friends have 3 or 4 'healthy' children and simply could not afford to get them all vaccinated!!
  • Superdrug have offered to do all my children ages 9, 11,13 no problem.

    Boots refused only 16 and over. Tescos will only do 12 and over. We are in Truro, Cornwall.
  • I want to have my 2 year old son vaccinated does anyone know of which pharmacy chains are offering them?
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