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  • At 11 weeks I started bLeeding the hospital said I was loosing baby I then went doctors because didn't loose anything and they said they hear a heart beat I then went back for a scan at hospital and they said the placenta has pulled away abit and they couldn't be sure about the baby's survival I then had my 12 week scan and they said the placenta was clotting back up and that the baby is perfectly fine and I'm now 15 weeks and I'm still bleeding and they haven't seen me since 12 week scan and said come back for your 20 week scan they are not keeping a close eye on baby n I'm worried anything could have happened with in 7 weeks :/
  • hi I thought I was 6 weeks pregnant but had slight bleeding on Thursday and Friday so doc referred me to the EPU where having done a internal scan they found just a sac which looked empty,I then got told was in process of a M/C they took my bloods and said to come bk Sunday for blood test to see if hcg levels had dropped, yesterday(Monday) hospital phoned to say my hcg levels had risen and said for me to come in again this coming Monday for another scan. I really don't understand could I still have a normal pregnancy, I am still bleeding and its red but not as heavy as a period.

    Many thanks
  • Im 12 weeks pregnant i have just had my first scan date come through by the time i go i will be 17weeks and 5 day why is this can you help thanks
  • Hi.I am pregnant with my first baby and i am 30 weeks now. My doc says the baby is in sitting position and hence the chances of c section is more.This has really worried me as i want a noormal delivery.Will the baby's position change?What must i do to get a normaly delivery?Please advise....
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