Talkback: Are boys and girls naturally different?


  • Girls and boys know difference in gender at early age. My daughter and son knew they were girl or boy at early age and I let them play with any toy they wanted whether gender correct or not.
  • i have to say when i read this artical not long ago i felt the parents were wrong in that as it would confuse the child however parents bring up their children how they feel is right for the child & family.

    i have a 10year old girl who i did from the day she was born dressed in pink & have all girly things etc for her but with my son who is almost a year old i let him play with girly things & boy things, i dress his in girly colours like yellows & orange & yes even pink. i get told he's a boy & shouldnt play with girly pink things all the time but i dont feel it makes a difference as he is happy to play with them & if it makes my son happy then im happy.

    i do feel that he is a little slower at developing forward than his sister as she was actually walking on her own by 7months & he has only just started to try to let go of stuff.

    gender stereotyping is usually made at first by the parents so i feel that if the parents feel boys & girls should be different then the children will be.
  • Definitely. I have a son and the way he behaves is really different from baby girls of his age. As I observed, normally baby boys are more naughty than girls, while baby girls seems to be more prim and proper. This is based on my personal observations.
  • Found that boys and girls are different as I have one of each. Girls are naturally more independent and boys grow up bit slower.
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