Talkback: What to expect in the second trimester


  • Hi Sue-Ann,

    It's not a given truth but many women who suffer heartburn during their pregnancy do go on to find a healthy head of hair upon baby.

    Once in your 2nd trimester your uterus will be moving up out of your pelvis into a more prominant 'bump' position, you may feel aches & pains as your muscles & ligaments stretch to accommodate this change & you may also feel the skin across your 'bump' becoming tight & itchy.

  • thanks for the input you have put my at ease.

  • I had terrible heart burn with my daughter and she came out with a full head of hair :0) xx
  • In my second trimester and have Difficulty passing out gas. Also have constipation. What is the cause?
  • fart in a jar ...i do :)
  • when i get heart buns i'm told that my baby is going to be hairy is it true. Is it normal for you to be feeling abdomen pressure at this time in the pregnancy(second trimester)

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