Talkback: Your maternity rights


  • Hi Hun, not sure about the 90% pay but from experience of other ladies working in my office you definitely get your bank holidays paid, hope that helps x
  • Hi Nikkik

    Thanks for your reply.




  • Hi

    I live in the UK and have been working for my firm for 11 years. I am 34 weeks pregnant and my firm has told me that they would be prepared to pay me 90% of my salary as long as I agree to work from home from week 6 of my maternity leave. The 90% sounds great but I want to be able to spend the time bonding with my baby. I do not have a written contract of employment. Also, I know that I accrue annual leave as use while I am off but do I get to add bank holidays on too?

    I would be very grateful to receive any advice available.
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