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Talkback: Pregnancy test confusion


  • Hi SammyG3, no that should never be. The test prior to you testing with your urine should be clear with nothing on. Only once the test makes contact with your urine then it will show you a minute clock that will flash. You may have purchased a faulty unit, so therefore should have returned the item to the shop or posted it back to manufacturers.
  • Call the help line on the info leaflet they'll either tell you to return it to them or to the shop if you have the receipt x

  • This happened to me too, at the time I didn't really think about it. But I bought one today and when I opened the package it had a faint but noticeable negative line before I even took it. Should I get another one? Should I accept that after I took the test it was negative?
  • If your talking about the + and - test, thats a piece of plastic and is there. The control window will be blank to show you that the test hasnt been used. Take the test and if not a positive take it apart and u will see its plastic cos they dont use dye for that line xx
  • I am really irritated! Can someone pls help me! I took the clear blue pregnancy test out of the wrapper and the result window already had a neg sign in it. I didn't even start testing yet. I was under the Impression that the result window is blank before u test with your urine. I don't know if this is a manufacture errors or if it's suppose to have a bold line before u even test. Pls help! Has anyone had this! I'm 7 days late and really confused!
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