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Talkback: 1st week feeding routine - introducing purees


  • We are on day four of the weaning process. On the first few days, Annabel would cry and demand the breast immediately after her baby porridge. I would end up feeding her as normal, however today I gave her double the amount of porridge, once finished she had a small amount of breast milk but seemed full. Has anybody else experienced this and if so how did you stop the crying post feed and how long did it take for your little one to get full post solid foods.

    Annabel (5 months) has been keeping me up all night because she is so hungry, she has reverted back to a new born regime and wants feeding every 3 hours. The above guide suggests adding an evening/late afternoon feed on day 6 but not sure we can wait that long. Will see how Annabel is this evening and decide then if she should have some sweet potato puree or if one solid feed and the breast is enough. Be interested to know when other people added two meals.
  • I found that my baby would not eat much breakfast when I started weaning. At 6 months I introduced breakfast and I found he only ate 1-3 spoons of whatever I tried to give to him (Egg, yogurt and fruit, baby rice, rolled oats etc). What I found helped increase his food intake at breakfast was not giving him milk on waking, instead start with breakfast. For the first 2 weeks he really did not like it, he was insisting on the milk. But eventually he got used to eating breakfast first and then having milk after breakfast. At 8 months he has dropped his morning milk feed.
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