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Talkback: A fifth of children under 4 have TVs in bedroom


  • I have to say that its not something our kids have, and nor do i wnat them to have until they are much older!!  they watch far too much as it is IMO, but at least i can see what they are watching, and i would worry about what they were watching if it was in their own room.  

    we do watch alot of kids programmes but i have to be very strict with mine as they would sit and watch all day if they could.  it only goes on for an hour after school, usually in the run up to tea time, and then sometimes half an hour after tea but only if their home work is done! 

  • My children don't have a tv in their room, and neither do we.  (Although I do want one).   They can play in their rooms, or read books, draw, whatever they want, and if they want to watch tv, they come to the living room. 
  • One of my children has a tv in his room,he didn't get it till he was ten.We have a tv in our room,one in the kitchen and the main one on the front room,which is the one the children use.

    Cbeebies is on all day in our house,but the children are in and out watching the bits they want to see in between playing.It speaks to itself a lot of the time,they're busy little people.More often than not they're in the playroom or the garden or the kitchen.Although there's a telly in there I usually have a radio on instead.Grown up telly doesn't go on till the kids go to bed.The older kids are allowed to watch older kids telly in our room,and Harry watches his own,occasionally lets the others watch his telly if he's being nice...occasionally.

    I think were you to provide nothing but tv all day for your children with nothing else to do then that's not good for them.Tv amongst a lot of other activities does them no harm at all.Of course you have to make sure what they're watching is suitable for their age,but I'm sure we all do that anyway,and a lot of the cbeebies programs are educational besides fun.

  • i must say our girls do have a TV in their room so we can have a play and snuggle with a cartoon sometimes but there is no access to normal shows, just dvd's so as they get bigger we know exactly what programmes they are watching. i know they are only 1 and 2 but even more reason why they don't need normal TV.

    When I was younger I had a TV and would spend every waking hour in my room as I was an only child in a street with no other kids. While I like to think it didn't do me any harm and I turned out ok there weren't the same type of programmes as there are now. I think a lot of word used that are seens as acceptable on TV are words I wouldn't like the girls to come out with. I know some people might think it's a bit daft but I would hate the girls saying crap and the likes just because it seems to be a norm now.

  • Hi I am a 32 year old married mother of a 9 month old. My baby adores the baby TV chanle and I allow her to watch this for half hour in the morning while I get ready for work. I have a small pink TV in her nursery and this works well for both me and Olivia!...The Baby TV chanel is also very educational and a fun way to spend time with your child. I watch it with Olivia and we sing and dance together! It has had no detremental effect on my daughters develoment and makes for a calm and happy household. I really don't see any harm in allowing babies and young hildren to watch a bit of TV as long as it is combined with other activities.

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