Talkback: Milk feeds and solids: Getting the weaning balance right


  • Next stage is trying to get him to take formula from a bottle or drink from a cup as he is starting his weaning in sessions at nursery this month. I am so worried that he won't drink any milk and won't nap when he goes!
  • Thanks Harjeet,
    This was really useful as I am currently worried about the amount of milk Annabel is taking now that we have started foods. I give her a lot of fruit so am worried that she is not as thirsty as she was prior to having solids. It is reassuring to hear that your LO found his own routine and dropped the appropriate breast feed when he felt it was time and he was ready.
    It is so reassuring to hear other Mum's stories and know that at each stage of the weaning process I am are not alone or not experiencing anything new or unique but just the same as most Mums before me.
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