Talkback: Why won't he take his milk?


  • Babies feeding/sleeping routines can be affected by growth spurts which are typically around 6wks, 12wks & 16wks of age.  This may partly explain a loss of interest in taking a bottle.

    Other than that the only things I could suggest would be trying colief & keeping baby in more of an 'upright' position for 15-30mins following a feed (sitting upon your lap, held against your shoulder, laying in a bouncer rather than a crib....)

  • My little girl is 8 weeks old for the 1st 4 weeks of life she thrived off cow and gate gaining weight and coming along lovely! Until she had bad colic and became constipated we were advised by health visitir to use c&g comfort, this did not help and she cried takin her bottle! We then took to docs shes only takin 2oz every 4hours and cries takin milk where we were then told intolerance 2 dairy and put on wysoy milk! A week later she still no better not drinking and not putting on weight! Now theyve taken us off the soya and back on the normal milk but with gaviscon?! Weve changed bottles, teats, milk, used gripe and infacol! She still only takin 2oz but cries through that! She seems sleepy but still a hapoy baby? Im really worried :(
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