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Talkback: Heavily pregnant mum fined for parking in parent-and-child bay


  • Heavily pregnant women should be able to ,if they let all pregnant woman park in them then you will have lots of lazy women saying they are only a few weeks or months pregnant when they are not pregnant at all ,heavily pregnant women need the help some one who's only just or a few months don't,it will just encourage lazy women to take the mick
  • I was always under the belief that if you were 6 months + pregnant then you could park in them (as you can in tesco). I had spd in all of my pregnancies and could barely walk without immense pain. A large amount of my friends had the same issue. I was put on bedrest in the last trimester but had i not been then i wouldve used those spaces. I have a 5 month old son now (as well as older children) and would never once think i am more entitled to use the parking spot than a woman in her in third trimester. Perhaps as a woman who has lost 11 babies i have a different understanding of how precious pregnancy really is and how easily it can go wrong but i 100% feel that pregnant women should be able to park in the parent and baby spaces or have designated spaces made for them.
  • Wide bays in hospital car parks would be great for heavily pregnant women as they struggle to get out of the car
  • As a mother of a 7 week old baby, I can clearly remember how difficult it was getting in and out of the car when heavily pregnant. I think that the parent and child spaces should be available for heavily pregnant women, as the extra space that these spaces provide would make things so much easier - it's impossible to squeeze a large baby bump through a narrow space in between cars!
  • Bit harsh calling her a lazy cow!! Jesus, no one knows her situation maybe she genuinely struggled walking, getting in and out of the car, if it was a young couple with no kids or a business man travelling alone etc then fair enough but it's a bit much to ticket a heavily pregnant woman who was quite possibly shopping for last minute baby supplies. so maybe she shouldn't have parked there but in the grand scheme of things, slagging her off on the Internet.....really? Lol. 

  • She shouldn't have parked there, the ticket should stand. The point of the bays is to allow you to fully open the doors to get a baby or child out and you can have the stroller/pram next to the car rather than in way of possible traffic. She's only pregnant, an extra 30 second walk wouldn't have killed her, if anything would've done her good. Pure and utter laziness. Gives pregnant women a bad name lazy cow
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