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Talkback: Flu jabs for all under 5s gives could “save thousands”


  • If there was an actual guarantee we could believe as parents, then I would let my 3 1/2 yr old son have the flu jab (primarily to cover him for swine flu - which he may/may not have already had, and therefore already have some immunity to, but as they stopped testing in my area in the first epidemic, I have no idea - making it an even more impossible choice as to whether he actually needs protection/not?). If this also stopped other people becoming ill then bonus!

    However, I will not consider subjecting my young child to such a still experimental vaccine, when it may be harmful to him either immediately or in his long term future. Like I say if that concern could be taken away from me with proper, independent, proveable statistics then great. The roll out to under 5's was and still is the 'trail' of the swine flu drug to this group, and we're already hearing of some side effects for children who've had it of various age groups. I don't put any vaccine in my child without considering its safety, efficacy and benefits. I certainly would not and this is going to really annoy some people, and I can appreciate why, but I would not let my son receive a vaccine to protect other people and risk his own health if I thought it was at possible risk from the vaccine. As his mother I have to put him first, not other people. I can only be responsible like everyone should be, and practise good hygiene all year round, all the time, not just when there's flu about or when he or I are ill.
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