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Talkback: Kate Middleton miscarriage rumour


  • Why would someone want them to start a family in the name of tradition? It is obvious she is already sufffering enough of the royalty. Please do not kill her like her Mother in Law
  • I agree with welshmercury. I have had two miscarriages and it is an awful thing to happen my heart goes out to her and Prince William if this has happened. Who cares about tradition, Kate's health is much more important.
  • I'd love to know how the American magazine know this information before the British do! There hasn't even been any speculation in the media here that Kate has had a miscarriage. I wish they could be left alone to enjoy married life. We will hear news all in good time when they want us to.
  • if this story is true then we should leave them in peace. It would be heartbreaking enough with out the whole world watching.
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