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Talkback: Meet the celeb mum who breastfeeds her 3-year-old


  • I previously did not think this was normal, however, my 11 month daughter will not even tolerate anything else for her morning, mid afternoon & evening milk feeds. She is showing no signs giving it up teeth & all !!
  • I have nursed three children beyond three and hope to nurse my fourth for as long also. Yes, it is hard to imagine when you are not doing it but it is such a special moment with only positive outcomes so I think that those who choose to ignore societal hangups about breastfeeding and do the best thing for their children are amazing.
  • Wow! Good for her :)
  • Wow she's brave doing it on the subway! It's entirely her own business although I think I'd go potty if I was still bf 2 years down the line from now!
  • Also I LOVE his trainers :)
  • Really pleased to hear this from a celeb mum! As a mums who nurses a toddler (18 months) and has no intentions of giving up until she self weans It really good to hear of someone in the public eye that openly talks about this taboo subject! :0)
  • I can't imagine feeding a 3 year old either yet I my eldest daughter is 3 and a half and I still feed her 3/4 times a week.
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