Talkback: 'Where is the baby?' Angry commuter confronts pregnant woman asking for seat on Tube


  • My experience with both pregnancies is that we don't get priority period,

    I have actually had to give up a seat to a woman who had a broken leg whilst school children (late teens I might add) watched on and expected both me and her to stand!(I'll also add I was 36 weeks gone at this point and it was Christmas season!!) Even with buggy zones on our local service if we dare ask someone sitting in them to move its an argument ready to explode. only last week did I witness one woman endure a blue haze of expletives and the bird being flipped toward her as the passenger who unfortunately had to give her seat up for a baby was left infuriated at the mere idea of moving. Until the companies make it a given that you should give up a seat to a pregnant woman no one will be taken seriously!

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