Talkback: Pros and cons of giving your baby a dummy


  • Dummies are potentially harmful in many ways. Both my children mamaged without, they were content after breastfeeds and slept well. I think the rumour about preventing cot death is unfounded.
  • Dummies are a form of evil. Only working class babies get dummies, they make me sick. Both of mine were fine without them, babies don't need them!
  • Clare gow are you aware of what you're saying? Only 'working class babies get dummies' is wrong on so many levels. I've seen many 'middle class' babies with dummies and many 'working class' babies without. I am a young(21) working class mum, I exclusively breastfeed and my son has never had a dummy, I've seen many older middle class mums swear by dummies and formula yet people like you in society belittle and dismiss working class mums. There will be 'good' and 'bad' mums in all social classes, nobody should get on their high horse. What makes ME sick is idiotic views like yours and knowing you're passing them onto your children.
  • Gemgems, I totally agree with your views on this touchy comment from Clare Gow,is it Gow or is that a 'C'?

    A comment that should be framed and dispatched to every kindergarten school in europe,''Only working class babies get dummies,they make me sick'',WOW,what a statement,a statement that shocks me,''working class babies make me sick''.unbelievable,Ms Cow, or is it Gow,i'm not sure now,whatever,should be invited on any morning or afternoon TV entertainment programme,and given the chance to justify her abusive and idiotic comment to the nation,it should make for very entertaining viewing,especially when the viewers opinions come flooding in.So if any producers are reading this please invite her,pleeeeaase,with sugar on top.
  • All of my children have had a dummy from 1 week old and all were breastfed without any problems, my eldest was 5 weeks early and given a doll size dummy in Special Care by the nurses. I used the orthodontic dummies as all my babies have wanted to suck when not feeding and I didn't want them becoming reliant on their fingers or thumbs as this can cause more orthodontic problems as a dummy can be taken away but their fingers will always be within sucking distance as a child. My middle daughter gave it up at 1yr old, my eldest was just over 18mths and my 2 yr old is currently getting used to life without it. For teething babies it was my lifeline, especially once they were weaned and couldn't be settled with a breastfeed. None of my children have been allowed to wander around with their dummy all day, its there at bedtimes, when they are ill or teething and no other times. I personally don't see what the problem with dummies is, no one ever mentions babies sucking their fingers or thumbs is wrong.
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