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Talkback: Asherman’s Syndrome – could it be why you’re struggling to have a baby?


  • I have a question- I've had the hysterosalpingogram, and nothing out of the ordinary was found, however, is it still possible to have asherman's?
  • Hi mommyto5angels,

    I've contacted Martine (the journalist of this piece) about your query. We both feel that as we don't know your symptoms or history, if you're concerned, a second expert medical opinion may be best. You also might find it helpful to head to the International Asherman's Association.



  • Hi, I am a moderator on the Asherman's site, and it is possible for it to be missed on an HSG. Often the HSG is just used to look at the tubes and whether the are open, rather than the inside of the uterus. Please do visit our site and join the UK group and we will guide you through next steps. Rebecca
  • To Scarlet fox / Rebecca

    I have been trying to join the Ashermans website for the past 6 months and have submitted several applications for it , none have been approved . Can you tell me why you prevent people from joining ?
  • hi i have also been diagnosed with as. as on thenhs they wont treat my condition i have pay for it privately because i ahve 2 children.!it just seesm so unfair when you pay your tax etc but you not getting the care you wont!
  • Mittzy, my sincere apologies. I never received a notification of your question. I just stumbled across it today. I do hope you were able to join the Ashermans group. We don't prevent anyone from joining once they have completed the relevant questionnaire.
  • Hi there I'm so glad I've come across this website. I have a very strong feeling that Ashermans may be the reason for my fertility problems. Is it possible to be diagnosed on the NHS or do I have to go to a private specialist? I have 1 son who was delivered by a very painful and traumatic emergency cesarean in 2004. I have since had two still births and a miscarriage. I have had a D and C before as well as surgery for fibroids. I also have Endometriosis. Any advice would be appreciated.....Thankyou :)
  • Hi can someone tell me if intrauterine synechiae are the same thing as having ashermans?

    I had a fibroid removed but had an uneventful pregnancy afterwards

    Then last year had a m/c at 8 weeks hospital wanted me to wait and watch but this lasted 13 weeks there was retained product at 13 weeks they said all had cleared but I had a small mass I went private had an u/s and the doctor there said all was as it should b there was very minor scar but insignificant he didn't see any reason for us not to conceive naturally

    He did say if I wanted I could get this scar removed via hysteroscopy for my piece of mind bye I opted not to given he said all was ok

    Pregnant now almost 20 weeks and they noted a synechiae on my scan said it was small not in the way of baby but no one seems to know much about it everytime I google synechiae I get ashermans info are these the same thing ? Will I have problems in this preg ? I have contacted Adrian lower for a conduit he removed my fibroid years back hoping he can shed some light v v worried at the moment ad reading if it is ashermans and pregnant can cause still birth and late muscarriage etc
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  • I have recently and finalky been referred for investigation for asherman's... i have noticed that in the time i have been trying to get several gp's and a gynaecologist to agree that there is a problem, that no one identified asherman's as a possibility, until I asked the question. I do not want to face possible diagnosis of AS and then be faced with being treated by someone who does not have a specialism in AS.

    Therefore, i wondered if anyone has an up to date list of UK asherman's specialists (particularly in the north- Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool areas)????

  • I want to thank you for this article I had a D&C in Oct 2017 now 21weeks later still no Return of period and all bloods came back normal
  • Thank you for this article. I received a D&C 3 weeks post delivery from a hemorrhage with no retained products of conception found. I was not told of the risks of a D&C and was left with no period. After 4 unsuccessful surgeries by two different doctors, we've moved on to surrogacy.

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