Talkback: Break the pelvic floor taboo


  • I agree, I did my kegels throughout my pregnancy and perineal massage in the last few weeks, and when I gave birth I just had a small tear (no stitches needed) and although I had a little bladder weakness for a few days, it soon went back to normal.  Midwives and Doctors really need to stress to women how important kegels are!

  • Great article! More should be My midwife prompted me to kegel exercise all through my pregnancy but I just didn't realise how important it was. Not until I had a big problem. With a difficult delivery I suffered a third degree tear and had to have extra corrective surgery, this left me suffering with incontinence - there is nothing worse that having everyone coo-cooing over your new baby and you are silently holding it all together (literally) inside wearing pads because you can't stop wetting yourself. My midwife was very helpful - even after the birth and recommended I find a good Women's Physiotherapist, although I had to be quite demanding and persistent with my GP. Basically I got the feeling if I put up with it then nothing would happen. I am stronger as a result and trying for baby number 2, but I want to stress to all women try to avoid tears and episiotomy (I will definitely use a perineal massage cream next time). So to all women do your kegels - because if you only do a few here and there like I did first time round you might regret it.

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