Talkback: Katie Price slams maternity leave


  • Rainbowwitch - you took the words out of my mouth!
  • This from a woman who made her name spending a few minutes removing her bra for a photo! It must have been so hard for her. Even now when she loves to tell us how hard she works she admits in this article that she is always at home! As most women don't get that option, maybe she should refrain from interfering in the world of the everyday woman - one which is crucial in the babies development to have their mother near them at all times! The proof is in the eating, we shall see in a few years what headlines her kids make in the national press.
  • She said it right there "I don’t work every day anyway, plus I do a lot of work from home" most women who take early maternity leave are those probably doing a 9-5 job 5 (or more) days a week and need the rest.
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