Talkback: All about baby rice


  • Hi Todd. Thanks for your comment.

    And yes, baby rice is a processed food, in the sense that it's been ground down from its normal size and has often had vitamins added to it. But, unlike many more complexly processed foods aimed at adult consumption, it does have to comply with strict official limits placed on its manufacture and composition because it's a food for infants and young children.

    We don't have – and don't claim to have – any qualifications/background to offer dietary advice about children. This article was written by one of our journalists (who's also a parent) and is intended to provide some basic information about baby rice (for those who've never come across it before), rather than specific dietary advice.

    None of our writers have connections to the baby food industry. MadeForMums does accept advertising from baby-food manufacturers but we make it clear when we accept advertising that advertisers cannot buy editorial. In other words, a baby rice manufacturer may well be able to buy advertising that displays around the sides of this article but they do not buy the right to influence what's written in the article.

    You can see, in fact, that in this article, we have included – as we should – some research about baby rice that suggests parents shouldn't feed it to their baby too often.

    We trust that reassures you. We will make sure this is an article we regularly review and update. Thanks for raising those points: we always welcome feedback, good or bad.
  • Just a couple of questions: isn't baby rice just processed food, what background do you have to offer dietary advice about children, and what are your connections to the baby food industry?
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