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Talkback: 30% of breastfeeding mums stop after the first 8 weeks - is this why?


  • I breastfed my baby until he was around 7 months old. At around 3 month s old however I had nerve pain in my left breast whenever he fed and despite lots of medical tests a cause could not be found. I struggled with this pain and in the end had to stop feeding with my left breast and just used my right one, which worked out fine. I didn't worry whether he was getting enough nutrients etc. as he was putting on weight and seemed happy and he would feed for a decent length of time each time. I was sad to give it up in the end, but it was his choice - he preferred solid food in the end!
  • If it hurts tough it out try olive oil it help that's what I've heard but I'm not sure. But in going to brest feed for 3 months or until she gets her first tooth after I'm pumping my milk for my baby so that she still gets all get nutrient's from breast feeding
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