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Talkback: Can you tell if you're having twins before your 12-week scan?


  • looking back I had many ‘signs’ and people even joked with me that it was twins but I dismissed it all / found other explanations as I absolutely did not think it would be!! I had terrible all day and night nausea which I didn’t have with my other pregnancies (which I assumed meant I was carrying a girl this time as I’d heard girls make you more sick), I started showing at around 7 weeks (which I thought was due to this not being my first pregnancy... heard you ‘pop’ sooner), tests were dark early on and quickly progressed but I was so concerned about having another miscarriage that I didn’t even really notice how dark they were in comparison to tests from my other pregnancies!. Thing is I still think all those things could happen in a singleton pregnancy... so there really is no way of knowing until you get the scan!
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