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Talkback: 13 of the best dolls


  • Thanks for your comment, KLG - and it's lovely to hear you find the MadeForMums site helpful - hurray!

    We're sorry you feel disappointed by this article, though. Actually, we did – and do – always include boy testers in our doll reviews. It's just that we only use long quotes from our child testers on the top 3 toys in the list – and, in our latest round of testing, the top 3 dolls happened only to be reviewed by girls (the dolls the boys tested either didn't make the list or feature lower down in our list).

    We have included 'boy dolls' in our list - with the Finnegan's Wake doll and the Doctor Tommy doll, for example. But we do see what you mean about it looking like there are no 'lifelike-looking' boy dolls. In fact, some of them do have a 'boy' alternative – the Baby Annabell doll, for example, also comes as Baby Alexander and there is a boy version of the Tiny Treasures doll that comes in a blue outfit. We do always try to mention things like this when we're writing about the dolls but your comment has made us realise that, at least here, we have only put in pictures of the 'girl'/pink doll. We'll make sure that, in future, we do sometimes picture the 'boy'/blue doll when one is available. Thank you so much for your feedback – so helpful!
  • I have referred to Made for mums for reviews and recommendations and find the site really helpful. I am a little disappointed by this review as there is no parent/child feedback from a boy and there are no lifelike looking boy dolls in the review. Is it a bigger issue that lifelike looking boy dolls are not readily available?
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