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Talkback: MadeForMums Awards 2019 have launched!


  • Hi Mummyknight5, welcome to MadeForMums. We did the callout for Judges for our awards, about 6 weeks ago now, so I'm afraid we're no longer looking for Judges for this years awards. 

    But we do offer other product tests to our members, advertised via our Chat Forum. When we have a product to test, we post a new thread with the product details and we then ask if you would like be considered, to simply post with your details below the thread (providing your baby or child fits the criteria). You would then have to be selected as we only have limited numbers of products to test.

    The best advice we could offer is to check the forum regularly for these product tests – they can be found here:

    We also use testers for our MadeforMums Toy Awards which happens around July. We recruit these testers and judges via the chat forum too, and also send email alerts to our members when we are recruiting too.

  • Hi I’ve not even seen anything for testers and I’m due shortly and have a toddler too and big on social media
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