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Biodegradable nappies: are they actually better for the environment?

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imageBiodegradable nappies: are they actually better for the environment?

We take a look at biodegradable nappies to figure out what they're made of – and whether they really biodegrade when they get thrown away...

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  • We are very lucky in our town in South Wales, we DO have a nappy pick up. They are recycled. Happy days
  • That's so good to know @Lezleyann - thank you so much for telling us about this :blush:
  • What about the biodegradable wipes? Are we able to compost these at home? Or get rid of these, easier, then explained with the nappies?
  • Very useful RE biodegradable. However inaccurate regarding the reusables. It is actually recommended to air dry them both for longevity and to make them
    Smell more fresh. So the ‘drying on a high heat’ is misleading. The Recommended air drying obviously uses less energy.
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