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Contraceptive Implant

Just wondering if anyone has / has had the contraceptive implant and if so how did you get on? Are there any bad side effects?

I am just wondering as I am now trying to decide what I want to use as I can't have the combined pill as 1 )it gives me migraines and 2) I am partly breastfeeding. From all the leaflets the implant is appealing to me the most! I am unsure though as I was on the combined pill previously for 10 years.......



  • Hi I had it and I got on with it fine. Didn't notice any side effects. I'm on the injection at the minute but will have it again when I'm done having babies because it lasts three years so don't wanna have it taken out in a year or so when I want another! That was the only problem, DR took ages to get it out it was a bit of a faff not really a problem though.
  • I had one put in last week, too early to know if I'm going to get any side effects but so far it seem ok!! There was another post about this a couple of days ago, I'll find it and bump it up for you. Basically some people do get side effects, but if you do it can be taken out straight and they go straight away. I'm also bfing and for me it came down to a choice between the mirena coil and the implant. Apparantly you have a higher risk of a perforated womb with the coil if you are bfing so I went for the implant. I found that my gp was rubbish for contraceptive advice, in the end I found my local family planning clinic and they were fantastic.
  • Personally i HATED it!!!! I had constant pg symptoms, bloated, boobs killed and i put on weight, i know everyone reacts differently but it wasnt for me, really screwed up my cycle....were trusting mr durex til we ttc again next
  • I'm considering it as well. I was going to have the injection but doc told me a lot of women put on weight with the injection and as I am supposed to be trying to lose weight he didn't think it was a good idea :lol:

    Or was it the other way round? keep getting the implant and injection mixed up :lol:

    Thanks bedhead for bumping up the other post - very interesting!

    SB - you are right - it is the implant that isn't supposed to cause weight gain in the majority of cases! one of the reasons I am for it as I am back to WW next week! Another reason I was considering it is that I get really painful AF and it is supposed to help with that more than any of the other methods! I usually take tablets from the docs for the pain which help a bit but would rather not have to!

    My two choices were the implant and mirena coil - but I am not as keen on the coil and definitely don't want to risk anything tearing!

    Decision, decisions.........
  • The other think that put me off the coil was in the unlikely event that it fails and you do get pregnant it can cause big problems, with the implant they just take it out! That and the fact that I know people who have got pregnant with a coil, although it was the old copper one not the mirena. I lost a stone when I came of the combined pill to start ttc. If I start putting it back on the implant is coming straight out :lol:
  • Thanks again everyone - think the implant may be the way to go! Like people have said - if I don't get on with it I can just have it taken out! Plus with the lo I don't have to remember to take the mini pill at a set time each day! I might be busy.......
  • hi i hope nobody minds me posting but i would go really careful with the contraceptive implant i had it put in over 3 and a half years ago and was really ill with it for seven months untill doctors eventually agreed to remove it, during the removal the doctor removing managed to nick a nerve in my arm (very rare to happen) which resulted in me not being able to use my hand for over a year and a half, one of the doctors i saw after i had the implant removed said it was getting very common for the implant to cause problems such as illness, and when going for the implant it is best to check how much experiance your doctor has had at both putting the implant in and removing it and if there have been any problems with either process.

    hope nobody minds me posting about this and hope i havent scarred anyone or put them off as it can be very helpful for most women and is rare for things to go wrong
  • Hi

    I have had the implant since January after the birth of DS3. So far I don't have any complaints about it. I haven't had any bleeding at all with it, that might be partly down to the fact that I am fully BF, but I don't know.

    My female GP who does the insertion and removal is the family planning specialist at my surgery, she is the only one who fits the implants so I would think she's quite experienced and I was happy with how it all went.

    lilditz - sorry to hear about your bad experience, I'm sure that must have been awful,.Glad they got it sorted out for you though.
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