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Did anyone use Reflexology or Acupuncture in late pregancy?

Hi Girls I use both to get pregnant and have just had my first session of reflexology since........did any of you use it to aid with Labour? My practitioner said they can help bring labour on after due date......

Which did you find the best? I think I prefer reflexology for the relaxation but I dont know if Acupuncture would be better for getting body balanced?

Sorry for the tree huggy post just wondered if anyone tried it and what they thought and how thier labour went.......




  • Hiya,

    I used reflexology when ttc and throughout my pregnancy and found it really relaxing. I had a session about 5 days before my due date and got her to work really hard on my feet to bring on labour but it didn't have any effect and I went 2 weeks overdue in the end! I had a really good labour though, despite being induced - just less than 4 hours! x
  • My friend was due last Sunday and she is giving reflexology a try this week. I shall let you know if it brings on her labour, as she had to be induced with her dd x
  • one of the midwife's at the local birth unit does reflexology i had some in early pregnancy for headaches then when i went over to help induce labour I don't know if it worked but it was relaxing and i went into labour a couple of days later.
  • Hi, I had two sessions of reflexology when i went overdue, they were two days in a row. I have no idea if it had anything to do with my labour but I spent 4 hours at home and when i eventually couldnt cope anymore I arrived at the hospital and was fully dilated! Reflexology is suppose to get your bits ready for labour so im hoping my ??60 was worth it!! I had the reflexology on the Tues and Weds and had my baby boy on the Saturday. Also I went for a long walk the day before I gave birth! Maybe this helped too! Lisa xx
  • I had acupuncture during IVF which helped, I have 3 sessions of acupuncture this week to try and bring on labour but I am still here and waiting xx

    Annette 40+6
  • I had reflexology when overdue by a week, it didn't do anything - I still went 14 days over!
    It was lovely though and I really enjoyed it so not totally a waste of time & money!
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