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Bad SPD after birth. ANyone else??

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this on??
Anyway... I just replied to a post on the labout & birth forum re SPD & it got me wondering if anyone else is still suffering from this after their lo's birth?
I had a severe case & by the time i went into labour i could not walk! My husband actually had to litterally drag me up the stairs at one point to go to the toilet cause iwas in so much pain i just could not move my legs. I am still not sure if it was infact something worse than SPD as i still recall hearing a "crack" and incredible pain followed immediately after. Despite telling doctors/midwifes this at the time they would not take me seriously. By the time i went into labour i went to the hospital & they actually put me in a wheelchair, wheeled me to my car and told me go to another hospital 30 mins away cause they could not deal with my "complications" there and i would need an epidural for the SPD pain.
Now 8 months after my lo's arrival i am still in pain most days. Infact yesterday after being in the car for several hrs i started getting pains which grew to the point that i was terrified to try & get out of the car incase i felt another crack!
I would go back to GP but i have been to physio & GP since lo's birth & told that my pelvis has not healed yet but not to worry it "should heal eventually"!!! I was very re-assured!
Anyone else i have talked to about this condition had told me that their pain dissapeared right after the birth. Where did i go wrong? lol


  • I think I have the same problem. From about 7 months pregnant I had really bad pains in my legs. Sometimes I just couldn't move them. I was once in a shop and my legs stopped working and I had to get someone go and get me a trolley so I could get out of the shop.

    After the birth the pains were still there especially at night. I had to go back to work a month after the birth as I have my own restaurant and was constantly on my feet all day. I went to an orphopaedic surgeon and had Xrays taken and you can see the pubic bone is about an inch apart. He gave me pain killers to take but they are so strong I had to take first a tablet to protect my stomach. I took them when I was working but have now stopped.

    It is 7 months since I gave birth and I am constantly in pain especially at night. Turning over in bed is agony and I can hear a clicking noise. I have to be careful when I move because if I have my legs apart and bend at the same time the pain makes me cry. The Dr said that it should get better but it might not and I should keep taking pain killers.

    Does anyone have any advice? How long does it take to get better. I surgery needed.
  • had bad spd with luca 5months on n still not great have crutches for bad days, g.p wont send me to see consultant as he said so you arent having more children then n i said yes i hope too so he said not worth sorting until youve stopped having babys chartming man that he is !
  • Lollylatch

    You said the consultant said it doesn't need sorting until you stop having children. What does sorting entail?
  • not sure i think i need pins putting in as my hips tend to dislocate and i cracked my pelvis whilst preg with my 2cnd child as she was 10lb 110z and sholder distosic (sp) pregnancy with luca was terrible couldnt walk and the labour was tough but only because of the pain in my hips n pelvis. i saw a physio for two weeks but now shes so over booked i cant get an appt sorry i cant offer more help hun i know its awful
  • It's really interesting reading everyones replies and hearing of all the different experiences with this.
    I hadn't even connected the pain & clicking in my hips with the pain in my pelvis but judging by some of the posts here the two seem to go hand in hand?
    I too am planning on having more kids but am terrified of what kind of state i will be in when i'm pregnant next time judging on how i was with #1! She was only 6lbs 12oz and i was immobile by the end so god help me if my pelvis does not heal properly and the next baby is bigger!
    Would be very interesting to know how they "sort it"??
    I think i will go back to a different GP and get another opinion since it has been around 9 months now which is how long my physiotherapist told me it "could" take to heal????

  • i had it quite bad whilst pg had lo 12 weeks ago and all though it is no where near as bad cos i dont have the pubic pain anymore i have really bad hips if im laid on either one of my sides it really really aches and keeps me awake, also if i sit for long periods and get up sudddenly im bent double like an old lady. was just gonna carry on with it til i could bear no more in the hope it will get better cos GP is a jerk. (i also have a broken leg) image
  • I had SPD during pregnancy and once I'd given birth (2 wks ago) the pains just stopped as if by magic. Sometimes my hips ache a little bit, but I can turn over in bed and I can keep up with my hubby again when were walking the dog :lol:
  • i know these posts are from ages ago, but i gave birth just 5 days ago, i suffered a little during the pregnancy with pubic and hip pain, but my midwife dismissed it. I gave birth sat to an 8lbs 9.5oz baby, and havent been able to walk or lie on my side since, i have seen a physio therapist who has told me i am to stay in bed for 2 weeks, taking pain killers (and injecting myself with anti DVT drugs) and i then i am to start physio in 2 weeks, in the hope i have some mobility back, the hospital i gave birth in are the ones sorting all the physio and such, and they will refer me to orthopedics if physio isn't working. but i have been given no real idea of recovery time.

    I also spoke to my osteopath, and he said that because the hormone relaxin is still in high quantities in my body, that the best thing to do initially is to stay immobile, because you can do more damage by being mobile because of this hormone.

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