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baby sneezing

LOL. All my boys have colds at the mo and Tyler keeps sneezing and (apart from the fact that he is ill) its soooo funny. The look on his face after he has sneezed is halerious, its like he is thinking WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT!! Bless him! LOL!!!

Does any1 elses baby look funny when they sneeze?

Elaine and a snotty Tyler xx


  • Gabe often is about to sneeze and then it just....goes! Then when he finally sneezes he says "ahhhh" and laughs! It's so cute.

    He sneezes loads when he's eating his breakfast and thinks its hilarious to spray me!!!
  • Kara loves sneezing. When she does she has a massive smile on her face. When she was very young and sneezed her daddy sneezed back at her. Now when she sneezes she looks at him still waiting for him to do the same. Its so funny. She will always associate her daddy now with sneezing. She sneezes often and always with the sun.
  • Abby has taken to fake sneezing to makeus all laugh and it sure does that its so so funny lol
    fea x
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