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did your newborn have hairy ears?! lol


annabelle is now 1 week old and i was looking at her earlier and she has really hairy ears, bless her! i was just wondering if your little ones had hairy ears when they were so young.



  • yes! little tufts of brown hair at the top.... thought they would dissapear but six weeks letaer they are still there?!image
  • yes JJ had really dark hairs on his ears, they're not there now though but i never noticed when they went, he's 9 months now and blonde x
  • jake had them too!! little light brown hairs
    i didn't notice when they went but he is now 3 and there's no sign of any!!
  • yes toby was like a little monkey hairy ears and back had all gone by the time he was about 6 months
  • Both my little girls were born with a mop of dark brown hair and had hair on their ears and even a little bit on their shoulders (sounds awful doesn't it!). It's only there to keep them warm in your tummy and will drop off after a month or two. My two were both born a little early, apparently early babies have more hair on them to keep them warm but it shows up more in darker haired babies than ones with fairer hair. Your lo looks like she's got a lovely mop of dark hair too, the hair will fall off her ears believe me!!!!!!!!
  • Yes!!! Soooooo cute!

    Daisy is very dark and has hairy ears, shoulders and back!! She's 12 weeks now and it's going and makes me really quite sad!!! It's so gorgeous...

    C xxx
  • LOL yes Niamh was dark like your gorgeous little miss and she had hairy ears and back till just a few weeks ago (she's 4 months now)
  • Joseph has a hairy forehead and sideburns! His eyebrows merge into his hair too! (He's also dark-haired.) x
  • My lo also had hairy ears, arms, back and shoulders! Hes dark haired too. Hes 7 months now and its gone but i didnt notice when it went xx
  • Yes and she still has abit and shes nearly 5 months! she is very dark tho.
  • Hi hon,
    Josh was born with light coloured fluffy hair all over him - he looked like a little monkey. He still has fluffy hair on his ears as I noticed it the other day. Bless them...I think it's really quite sweet.

  • My daughter is 4 weeks old today and has hairy ears. I couldnt sleep last night thinking that she would get teased at school about it. So was wondering if there was other parents who also had babies with hairy ears. These replies have given me some hope. Hope the hair drops off..!! Still worried though..!!

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