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hayfever - 10 month old

Tyler has had a snotty nose for a couple of weeks now and athough he has been ill I think that pretty much cleared up days ago. So why is he still so snotty? Could it be hayfever? What can I give him?

Thanx ladies xx


  • Hi my lo suffered terribly last year with hayfever to the extent the hv & nurse at our docs sent us straight to a&e cause his eyes swelled up that much. They wouldn't give a baby that age anything unless it started to effect breathing.
    I got him some baby sunglasses to help his eyes and used Kavol drops in his room to ease his stuffyness. As far as I'm aware there isn't much else u can do for them I'm afraid.
    Hope he's ok and doesn't suffer too much with it x
  • thanx hunnie xx
  • i get it really bad during may and june. i find that showering and washing my hair before bed helps as it washing all the pollen off. otherwise the pollen goes on the pillow and then ypu rub your face in the pillow and pollen during the night making things worse
  • Hi, my little boy got bad heyfever last year too - he gets all snotty, goes all puffy and blotching around the eyes and they just don't stop watering.

    he was 8months last may and it was awful but like becci boo says they can't give anything that young so yep sunglasses were a god send.

    he hasn't been too bad so far this year yet. I was also advised by my gp its best not to give anything for heyfever at such a young age as the chances are they will develop an immunity against it and grow out of it. So hopefully thats true
  • I think my los have hayfever too my 6 month old is always rubbing his eyes at the mo and they both have runny noses, but dont have colds. Iv been putting a little bit of snuffle babe on their chests or on the bedding at night helps with the stuffyness a bit. xx

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  • Our paedetrician just told us last week that babies rarely get hayfever, more likely to develop as a toddler. But from your posts I see he was wrong! He did say you could use Piriton for babies, but best to check with chemist. My hubby and I get it bad so Cally apparently has good chance of getting it too. I feel so sorry for all babies with it - its hard enough to cope with as an adult.
    Alison xx
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