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Well, where do i start! I recently found out i have PCOS after no period for 7 months after coming off the pill. AMH blood test showed result of 94 when it should be between 5 and 15 meaning i have severe PCO.

Anyway, had provera to induce a bleed and started taking 50mg of clomid. I had 2 scans this week and they show no growth so need to be uped to the 100mg dose. Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else? Just feeling really dis-heartened and like its not going to work!



  • Heya thenewmrsd

    On the LTTTC forum there is a thread about ttc on clomid. I know there are a few girls on there who have been on 50mg and then FC uped the dose. Im waiting for AF after taking provera for the second time so I can start my second round of clomid.

  • hi everyone,

    I have just started clomid 100mg after trying for a baby for over 2 years.

  • Hello!  I am new to this forum.  I too failed my first round of Clomid (50mcg).  I no not have AF naturally (didnt have AF for 1 year after coming off the pill) and so took Provera for 7 days, AF appeared 4 days after I stopped taking Provera (In November).  I had an internal scan on CD12 and follicles were only 5mm when they should have been around 20mm so was unsuccessful that time.

    I waited for AF for 6 weeks and no sign so started Provera again and AF aarrived on day 5 of 7 day tablet course.  So I've stopped Provera at day 6 and will start 100mcg Clomid tomorrow for CDs 2-6.  I will then have an internal scan on CD12 (14th Jan) to see if the increased doseage makes any difference. 

    It's so good to hear similar stories on here to know I'm not the only one, and also read positive success stories.  I feel such a failure, hubby's sperm count is fine and so I feel like I'm letting us both down. I have lots of friends having babies and falling pg - they dont realise how lucky they are!!! 

    Fingers crossed we all have success in 2013 and sooner than later!



  • It is sooo frustrating... I was hoping I would get pregant the first month of taking them, really got my hopes up.  Just took my last pill today, now just a matter of waiting. 

    Hopefully 2013 will bring us some luck xx

  • Good luck Sara...I start on 100mcg today!  So how does it work in your area, will you go for a scan to check follicle growth or do they check your bloods?  It seems to differ depending on where people are!

    Do you take your Clomid at night?

  • Well I got mine off the net because I was sick of waiting for a prescription. I knew the problem was that I wasn't ovulating because they carried out blood tests each month.  I was being seen privately and had to travel quite a distance to and from the hospital, I got a little impatient image and found this site that was FDA approved. I ordered them from there nearly £40.

    I have since been referred to a my local hopsital so if these tablets don't work then I shall go for my appointment at the hosp. I'm just soo desperate for a baby image

    Should I be taking them at night then? didn't know that  x

  • My fertility clinic recommended I take them at night as some people get hot flushes and so the idea is that if you do get the flushes, you'll get them at night (might be unbearable during the day!).  On 50mcg I didnt have any side effects and so hoping the same when I start on 100mcg tonight. 

    Maybe you should stick to the same time each day for your tablets, I'm not sure if changing the time of day would be unhelpful if you've already started this course?!



  • I wish u all the best of luck image

    I've finished my second month now but next month i will take them same time every day just in case!

    I have no side effects apart from having a few crys for no reason, but this may be due to obvious reasons. I also get a bit dizzy and blurry-eyed but this is one of the side effects.

    I just keep thinking, mayve they're not working at all. Have u had a scan then?and does it show ovulation?
  • Hi Sarah,

    Just wondering if you had any luck on clomid. Did you get your BFP? I hope so? image

    I'm starting my 1st cycle soon, just waiting for AF now.

    Beeba x
  • Hi Sara Holmes can you MSG me the web address ?? I am 26 and have now been ttc for 13 months. We started straight after getting married in Kenya aug 12 and I just assumed I would catch really quickly. Shad first blesd 20 days after coming off cerezette, then waited 45 days for the next, since then ave us 26-30 days. Saw gp for bloods between feb and April all were normal. Eventually got the gyna referral I asked for and I had another large cyst on left ovary. I had A previous one in 2006 removed. So this last one was evicted 23/8 along with ovary aNd tube!! In june pre opus to op I was refered to fertility specialist she said I meds chlomid but BMi is 42 has to be 35 to get it, I have until nov to lose weight, plus may need ivf if so I get 1 free shot then sits 3k a time determined to loose weight but if not the web address would be useful as I hunted web for ages but didnt feel 100% confident buying on the ones I came across t.i.a good luck x 

  • Sorry forgot to add my right ov has pcos 

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