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PCOS And Metformin for Weight Loss

Hi girlies, hv had PCOS for yrs with no treatment no even the pill. Have my two boys now, the first concieved with Metformin and Clomid drug treatment the 2nd (who is now 5months) with clomid only and monitored with bloods by my lovely GP (I bypassed the consultant and had leftover Clomid that I used! naughty I know but it worked)!

Anyway with my 2nd I had GD (gestational diabetes) and it was controlled by testing my blood every day, diet and metformin. Lost loads of weight on this (even being pregnant). GD disappeared after birth.

Now 5months on I want to loss the baby fat, have followed the diet given to me when I had the GD but was wondering whether my GP would prescrible the metformin as well. I have heard that it is used for Insulin Resistance (confused about whether IR is the same as PCOS)! and I remember a consultant taking one look at my neck when prg at the tidemark which never goes and he told me it was a sign of IR. Am seeing my GP next thurs what do you think is it something any of you have come across?




  • I am on metformin for diabetes and PCOS.It is not a weight loss drig but a weight neutral.... if you talk to your GO they may prescribe it, xxx
  • My GP has continued to prescribe me Metformin 2 yrs post baby because I complained about the difficulty loosing weight with PCOS. Youn can only ask image
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