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3 days of hope dashed ?!

Hi I've been ttc for 16 months now. This month period due Thursday no show image fri no show image sat no show image sun 730 pluck up the courage to pee on a stick ... Wipe and bright red blood image so I'm sure that means there is no chance I'm pregnant right ? Stick said negative . Feels like my hopes are dashed hubby asked what I really want for Christmas answer a baby ! His sperm is 85 mil so no issues I've had cysts removed and one ovary potentially remaining ovary has pcos bit their not sure because I don't get other symptoms!! They are certain I need chlomid but BMi is too high and even when it is low enough it's a huge risk as it causes ovarian cancer oh the joys !!! Needless to say I don't feel like a woman ! 


  • i dont really have help to provide but i have pcos and all i really know about it is that depending on how advanced it is conceiving can get tough. im five days with a no-show period and im scared. im only seventeen so of course im to young. i have also had a cyst removed from there and im wondering if i may be pregnant. i am showing symptoms but upon going to the doctor the UA pregnancy test was negative  my mom had so many negatives before the positive she had with her first blood test. anyway im afraid that when i do start to attempt to start a family i wont be able to...sorry my comment was kind of babbling 

  • Hi aww thanks for reply I know it's very tough ! My advise to you would be if you want to start a family by a certain age start early !! I was 26 in June. I wanted to have a family by then at the latest ! We started trying aug 12 ( when I was married ) and then nothing's happened. I got told at 19 that I could menopause at 30 image 

  • we want to start around 24. but him and i both know that might not happen. we've talked about it and him and i agree that if it happens early then it happens early. while 17 is to young, if i am pregnant then we will count it as a blessing. with the ovarian cysts we dont know how long there will be a possibility for conception.  image i hate looking it like that but the reality is, if i have more cysts my rate for a BFP will get smaller. image

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