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TTC with PCOS/ Clomid

Hi All

I'm new to this so I hope im posting in the correct place.

I have been trying to conceive since April 2013 when I stopped taking the pill.

In Jan/ Feb of 2014 I was diagnosed with PCOS and am currently taking clomid to help me ovulate as without it I don't have periods.

I did 2 months at 50mg and although it worked my cycle was still 50-60 days apart.

So I was then increased to 100mg which worked and gave me a cycle of 27 days and then 29 days.

However on my 3rd cycle of 100mg I still haven't started my period and im on day 38 image

I have done 2 pregnancy test all being negative...

Has anyone had this happen to them before? I don't understand why it would work for 2 months and not on the 3rd? I'm hoping to speak to my Doctor this week but was wondering if any one had experienced this and could help?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would really appreciate your response.

Many Thanks x


  • Hiya! I have been off the pill for 18 months and not had a period. i have had various tests and scans and was told 2 months ago that a have lean pcos. they don't want to start me on any medication, so I am currently waiting for a date for lap and dye and ovarian drilling op! X

  • Thanks Salo

    I've since spoken to my Specialist and he put me on 10mg of Northistrone for 7 days, this should give me a withdrawal bleed so that I can re-start the clomid however I haven't started yet??? Day 5!! So I will have to ring again tomorrow and see what he says because when I took it last time he said I should have a withdrawal bleed within a couple of days which I did but not this time.

    I've still not had a date for my lap and dye yet as he was waiting for my period so he could time it around that but I've still not had one.

    So I'm just in limbo at the moment... Its so frustrating its like 2 steps forward and 10 steps back every time.

    Have you had your appointment through yet?



  • Yeah in 2 weeks time! 

  • Hi every one, I am the same been diagnosed with pcos in Jan and did my first round of clomid this month 9th june for 5 days I am also on metformin.... as of yet no positive ovulation pack. I havent had a period in a year or so since coming off the pill. Has anyone any advice can I do anything else to try and get pregnant??? xx

  • How's everyone getting on? X

  • Hi all,

    Had my first appointment at the assisted conception unit and have been prescribed medroxyprogesterone to give me a period and then to start chlomid! SUPER SCARED AND NERVOUS !! anyone have advice what i should expect?!!!! 

  • Hi carly I was on clomid and never got a positive on ovulation strips but must of worked because im currently 6 weeks pregnant the only thing different I did was stay lying down after dtd x

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