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do i have pcos?

hi im 29 ttc #1 for 9-10mths now. a few days ago i went to the gynae for random sharp pains on my left tummy side the past 2 mths. the gynae said my ovaries were 'naturally polycystic'. he also mentioned unripe eggs, and difficulty in ovulating. does this mean i have pcos? 

i read that pcos symptom is when the period is irregular or infrequent. my period comes monthly, 28 (+/- 4days)and usually with ewcm (or what i think looks like ewcm) 

however, the past 3-4 mths, my cycles have been 33days, with the latest being 39days. i have also gained almost 14pounds over the last 6 mths or so. i also realise i do not hv anymore CM, in fact, i feel dry down there most times! this most recent period went on for 2wks - pink spots, brown spots, red streaks, moderate flow of red blood, pink, then brown again (tmi sorry!). it is normally 7 days max. 

the gynae suggested contraceptives to regulate my periods, but since it also prevents pregnancy, he sent me back without any prescription and told me to come see him in 6mths if i still cannot conceive naturally and he will prescribe hormone meds. 

my qtn is, ive been able to hv my periods monthly all this while, with what i assume is ewcm which means i am able to ovulate ( correct me if i am wrong), is it possible that i just grew cysts on my ovaries recently, thus hindering my ovulation n making my periods longer? is there any way i can conceive naturally without any medication? do i have some hormonal imbalance?i find it hard to lose the extra weight. 

any input is very much appreciated. thanks in advance. 

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