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21, 28 and 32 day tests


I had my first appointment at the fatility clinic today after 10years ttc. (Yes it took that long for a referall due to being fobbed off) 

Ive seen loads of posts about the 21 day test. Ive been sent for day 21, day 28 and  32 day tests. I cant seem to find anybody else who had 28 and 32 day tests. Does anybody know why 28 and 32 day as well as 21 day?? Could this be to see if i ovulate later or earlier in the cycle??

Its too overwhelming all this. She just through all this information at me and i found it hard to take it all in. 



  • Hi Im sorry to hear that its taken so long for them to refer you on. I only know what the blood tests are about as I recently got my day 21 bloods. They are looking for the surge in progesterone, you need this for the pregnancy to proceed. So if there's no surge at 21, they then test ever 7 days after this to see if you have the surge and when it is. Its after ovulation you get the surge so it will be to see how your cycle progresses. I hope you get some answers soon.

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