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Petrified of trying after miscarriage and ectopic!

Hi, I'm new to this but just needed to speak to people who might understand! Sorry for the long post but feel I need to include every detail! I am 23 and been with my partner for 5 years. In 2011 when I was 19 I fell pregnant and was bleeding from the start. I had numerous scans and everything was apparently fine, until my 12 weeks. The fluid behind babies head was 7.9mm when it should be around 2mm, my screening test came back 1:29 chance for a chromisonal defect (Down's syndrome etc) which is very high! I then had a silent miscarriage at 13 weeks and had to give birth to my baby at the hospital Which was terrifying. The remains were sent for testing and when results came back, my baby had nothing wrong as far as they could see. It was a mystery to everyone. After a few emotional years I managed to pull myself together. In 2013, when I was 21, I fell pregnant again, and of course, was bleeding from the start, I went for many scans and blood tests, all indicating an empty womb. After about 3 scans and 6 blood tests, they finally saw a growth in my tube and I was immediately prepped for surgery, as at 8 weeks, mh tube had began to rupture, I was scared I'd not only suffer my second baby heartbreak but lose my life aswell. Luckily they caught me in time and removed my right tube. I was told my left tube was still well in tact. My partner and I want to start trying again for a baby in January when I will be 24. But I'm petrified! I always have niggily pains in my stomach and side, and I fear my reproductive system is just a mess (I've been tested for sti's and my partner is my first and only and vice versa) I'm so scared of it all happening again and it's really bringing me down! anuone out there got any fairy tales of a similar nature? I need to know happy endings! 


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