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Feeling down. Had miscarriage about a month ago and more heartbreaking is that was my 3rd. Would i ever have the chance to become a mom? :(


  • Hi ariez,

    I haven't personally been through a miscarriage, but my sister had 6 before eventually successfully carrying full term. 

    Have you had any help from your doctor?

    They make it really tricky but you have to be so persistent!

    Sorry to hear about your news :( x

  • Hi Sophie,

    I did went to see the doctor for the first and second. And the doctor said that was normal. Quite disappointed with the reply though. So when i am pregnant for the 3rd time i decided not to go again, hoping it can make it. 

    Unfortunately, by 5 weeks it happened again. :( 

    Anyway your sister's story somehow gives me a glimpse of hope. Will keep on trying and yes will definitely get help from another doctor. 

    Thanks Sophie for dropping by :)

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  • Hello - just wondering if anyone is there, still trying / struggling to deal with previous miscarriages? 

    I saw a councellor for the first time this week 4.1.17, my miscarriages were in June 16 & Oct 16 & finding life seems to be getting harder & harder to deal with. Anyone out there feeling the same?

  • I have had 3 in 3 years and still no baby, i don't think I'll ever come to terms with it... it's affected my whole life... just wanted u to know that you're not alone and sorry for your losses 😘

  • Thank you Bailey Bree, your reply means a lot & I'm so sorry you feel the same way. With friends beginning to fall pregnant around me there is no getting away from it - mine are both a huge secret my husband & I have kept from friends & family - scared they won't be a secret too much longer as its harder & harder to hold it in.

    i know none of them will understand - and even if anyone does, it won't change a thing or be able to make me feel better. 

    Have you been given any help, medically or mentally? 

    Sending big hugs to you x

  • I had 2 in 2016 and also fell pregnant a 3rd time this one has stuck as I'm due next month! It will happen, I thought I'd never become a mum and I was heart broken! Also your doctor should investigate why you are miscarrying after your 3rd time, they'll do test on you and your partner and next time you fall pregnant they will keep a closer eye on you and give you something to help you carry baby full term!  Good luck to you, hope good news comes soon! X

  • There's a specialist clinic - dr Lesley Regan at imperial specialises in recurring miscarriage- if you have had 3 you can insist on being referred to her. I am so sorry for your loss- I know how painful it is x

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