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Withdrawal bleeding is there still a possibility of pregnancy?

Hello everyone I am new here and need help so I thought I'd try this out! Haha. Anyways so back a couple of weeks ago, I had missed a pill (which I take everyday with no stopping for periods because of medical issues according by my Dr) and the night I didn't take the pill my boyfriend and I had sex. I started to feel extremely off after that. I started the pill again that next day. Couple of days went by I ended up having spotting for 4 days. Then this past weekend I haven't taken my pill for 3 days now due to we were out of town and I forgot them. We Had unprotected sex about 5 times with him finishing each time. Now I'm bleeding which I'm guessing is my withdrawal bleeding, but does that mean I'm not pregnant? My periods have always been extremely heavy so is it normal that my withdrawal bleeding would also be heavy? I just want to know if I could be pregnant because I've had every single symptom that would indicate that I am, but it's all so confusing. 

(Oh and I stopped my pill package mid way)


  • hi guys, i've literally just signed up like 30 seconds ago!! i need some help?

    i stopped the microgynon 28 day pill on the 08/06/16 and had unprotected sex the same night, then i had unprotected sex again the following night (09/06/16).

    on the 12/06/16 i had some bleeding occur which i believe was the withdrawal bleed that lasted until the following day (13/06/16).

    but on the 13/06/16 i stopped bleeding and had unprotected sex again!!

    then on the 14/06/16 i came back on and finished bleeding.

    before i started bleeding i took a ovulation test and it came up with 1 bold line and 1 faint line, then then 2 days later it only had 1.

    im so confused because i have many pregnancy symptoms like, really sore boobs, and my areolas are going like a brown colour, im getting cramps and a little abdominal pain, feeling sick, and really tired could someone help me out please, it would be muchly appreciated, thankyou lovely ladies!! 

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