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TTC after Depo

Hi, I was on depo for 7 yrs. I stopped this June as my fiancé and I are ttc. I have periods now but they are very irregular. I stop for about 3 days and then go for about 7. I have been taking prenatal vitamins just in case but I have thought about using angus cactus. Any suggestions on how to get regular or getting pregnant after depo would be great. Thank you. 


  • Hi i dont no if im in the right but i came of depo in september still not had a period yet but been havinf unprotected sex i dont no if falling preg can happen of you dont have a pwriod i bought them pregnacare tablets  havent took any yet but i want advice 

  • From what I have been told you have to have a period before you can conceive bcuz otherwise you don't ovulate. After coming off of depo I had a lot of preg symptoms there has been 2 times now that I have been convinced that I was preg but the tests keep saying negative. The depo really messes with your body and hormones and it's hard when you are TTC. Even sex has become harder bcuz I feel like I am a vergin all over again every time so it's very tight. 

  • Hi laangel,

    I've been down the agnus castus route and it didn't make any difference. Went for blood tests and they said everything was fine, just to wait which is really frustrating. I've came off depo but went on the pill, I've been off everything for just over a year and I've had 4 periods since Dec 2014, so looks like it's just a waiting game.

    Hope things sort themselves out for you! :-)

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