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Faint positive result in pregnancy test ??

imageNot sure if it's just the line that's automatically in the test or I'm just imagining seeing the line because it's so faint ! Or if I'm actually pregnant ! 


  • I see the 'line' but its not strong enough on the picture really.  Does it have colour or is it grey like maybe an evap line? 

  • The pic was taken like right after the results , and it was a pink line . It was hard to get in the pic but I could clearly see a pink line it was just faint 

  • Fingers crossed for you, hopefully it will get stronger for you.

     At what stage in your cycle are you testing ?

  • My periods are irregular , last time I had one was 5 months ago lol but it's been 3 and a half weeks since I had sex .

  • id test again in a day or twos time see if it gets stronger 

  • Haven't tested since but my exhaustion is crazy , never felt this tired in my life , also threw up in the morning :// was so nauseous . idk how long I should wait to take another test & what if the second test is faint too ? 

  • test agajn if you can. it should be darker now after a couple of days 

  • i would make a doctors appointment too since your not sure where you are in your cycle aswell.  

  • Help.... 

     anyone experienced this before?? Super faint positive line on a test? Am I pregnant? Really hoping so image

  • Looks it to me (and doesn’t look that faint) but try a digital test to confirm 

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