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Does this sound and look promising?


hello ladies I've stalked this board for a long time. I'll be 40 next month, was pregnant for the first time last year but lost baby at 10 weeks due to Hashimotos disease. Didn't know I had it until I lost the baby and my thyroid was at 41!!! yes 41. Thyroid now down to .53 and we have been ttc again. I believe I had a chemical two months ago. I tried to talk my doc about running my numbers for determining other issues but she mentioned I could be menopausal and left it at that. Terrible. Anyway I love the support here and I wanted to post a pic of a test and see if I'm crazy for seeing a line, please note pic is from a day old but line showed up within 5 min but is a tad darker now. Just scared to get hopes up again. Thank you and nice to join you. 


  • I should add that I feel like I oxcadionally get lines on FRERs these days with the new ones.-and I know there is a line there I can see it in normal light and could within 5 minutes but it was soooo light within those 5 minutes but was pinkish. Have no idea my cycles anymore because went from perfect 28 day cycles to insanely long wacky ones after my d&c in July. I started temping just recently.  I did have what I hope was ovulation spotting on CD9 (I know early maybe) then MAYBE implantstion spot on CD14. I think this cycle might be short now that my thyroid is in a good range. Who knows. Thank you. 

  • hi

    I can see a second faint line there. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it is a bfp. maybe test again in a couple of days? as the line should get darker then. I can't believe your doctor said you could be menopausal and left it at that. some times they can be so cruel though. I had a mc last year at 11 weeks and got told by the doctor, well you are 40 what do you expect.

  • Wow wow wow. That is dreadful. They are cruel no? When I was in a hospital gown the doc about to do my D&C congratulated my husband because he has super super to knock me up at my age. Really?!  Thanks buddy I have a dead baby in me and you say that?! My husband was horrified as was I.

    I'm on the northeast of the U.S. and this test was from 5 days ago now and ive been snowed in so I guess i should know once I can go out and get another with that long  in between. I have to test super early per my endocronologist because my thyroid is so bad. He said to call him before my husband even to setup an appointment for bloodwork to hit that point home. So I want to be pregnant badly but I also need to get to a lab NOW if I am so I'm slightest stressed over the snow issue.

    Thank you so much for responding and I'm so sorry for your 11 week loss. My family has not been supportive (my sister in law and I were pregnant at the same time) and she constantly complains about her C section fron September and how tired she is and gets mad at me if I don't feel sorry for her. No joke. She has not said one thing like "I'm sorry for your loss". It's dreadful. I am so sorry you have also experienced the emptiness of loss and good luck to you. 💗

  • Looks positive to me:) I'm 39 have 3 children and decided on one more!! I've had 4 miscarriages which my gynaecologist said is nothing to do with my age and I'm not old as far as having babies goes! I've everything crossed for you hope you can get past all that snow soon and get another test!!! It's crazy mild in London where I am at about 13.5 C

    Last week was -3!!! It's all up and down!!

    looking forward to seeing your result😊

  • I'm actually reading that open mouthed that the doctor said that to your husband, there are no words for that. Hope the snow passes soon and you get to get your test. will be looking forward to seeing your results too.

    take no notice of your sister in law. a lot of people don't know what to say or do when you have a mc and think because it happens "early" that well you weren't really pregnant or felt anything. They don't realise that the minute you get that bfp your life changes and its a total loss for you.

    missmyangels, will keep my finges crossed that you get your bfp soon as well.

    I'm in Ireland and its pretty stormy here today, mad wind and rain but no snow thank god

  • Thank you! I love that you are ready for another at 39 years young! Yay!!! You warmed my heart missmyangels!

  • thank you sio39. It typed it wrong I'm terrible if I'm on my phone but of course you got what I meant to write - super sperm. He said that and then tried to give my husband a stupid fist bump. No joke his fist was hanging there in the air waiting. As I was inches below the stupid hanging fist in a hospital gown with an IV in my arm.

    and thank you for the advice on my sister in law. She told my brother she won't talk to me anymore because she's afraid I'll verbally or physically assault her(!!!) but I have to realize she has a dreadful relationship with her mother and sister so it's not me. (For the record Ibe never verbally or physically assaulted anyone. Even that doc who deserved a junk punch. :)

    i adore Ireland!!  Stay warm. :)

    anyway the snow did clear hear and we got more tests yesterday. Still a suuuppppper squinter last night and this morning nothing so Im out. I feel sad because my due date should have been Friday is this week and because my husband has two from his ex wife. soooooo......I feel like a failure as a woman sometimes when I can't carry his children. eapecially because I'm a full time step Mom. could be much worse. thank you both for the messages!!

  • I can see a faint line. Wishing you all the best for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Thank you so mucH! Had another line like that last night but this morning with FMU it was negative. I don't symptom spot because my first and only pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage I had NO symptoms but the last week I have been getting stabbing pain in my breasts and heartburn so I was hopeful. oh well. thanks again for the message :)

  • Hmm, that is promising that the line got darker later- that means that what was there initially could be indicative of a pregnancy (& not just the line that appears after a while, like what you saw later). When I got pregnant (I've been pregnant & miscarried once), I first saw faint lines then in the days following they got darker. Once I got a for sure plus (I used blue tests), I went to see a doctor.

    I'm not trying to worry you, but depending on how long after your last period you are talking about, you may want to worry about the faint line. I was told that I have thinner menstrual lining & that the egg probably wasn't able to attach very well or have enough nutrition. What I've done since then is increased my hydration & started taking birth control pills with the hope it will increase my hormone production over time. But what I was also told, & this may help you, was that progesterone supplement could have helped me. It helps sometimes to avoid a miscarriage.

    I also wasn't told (b/c we didn't know I was going to miscarry) that there are other precautions you can take to ensure things go a little more successfully. Things like living generally healthy, avoiding sex (I know that helped to cause mine) & perhaps taking time off work to avoid extra walking, etc (this too), trying not to stress.

    Again, not trying to worry you, but since you're at the end of your ropes potentially, I wanted to tell you all that I know from my one experience. My mom had a baby 2 years ago at 42 years old. He is happy & healthy. Don't give up!

  • Thanks so much for the reply! My docs are convinced my thyroid caused the miscarriage. Normal range is up to 4, I was at 41. Yikes! I'm down to .53 yay!!! I feel for you as well it's hard no? I used to do Crossfit but I didn't when I was pregnant but I did make sure to get an hour walk and do stretches everyday, eat super healthy (already do - no fast food, soda or junk food ever), used organic cleaning and bath products, etc., but I didn't stress it. I was actually so calm and happt!  My docs didn't say to avoid excervise the actually told me to keep doing it, and that sex was fine and keep enjoying my husband. So maybe different issues but I'm sorry you also know loss. :/  sometimes you just can't control things I guess. I had a doctors appointment today - ironically it wohld have been my due date today -  and my (new) ob/gyn is convinced I'm pregnant because of the faint positives. I told her about the negatives but she said too early to be consistant. She did blood work I should know in a week. Shes so convinced she put  pregnant in my chart and told me to take progesterone. For me I am hoping to get pregnant but for some reason I have faith I can eventually stay pregnant If I ever get pregnant. We shall see. I'm convinced I had a chemical. Digital negative tofay but AF not due yet. I don't know when bleeding would start with a chemical. Thanks for letting me know your story and I wish you the best :)

  • No problem, I hope I am offering you useful info.! Good luck on your journey into motherhood- you're right about there being a bunch out of our control! :) Sounds like you've got some good doctors attending you & things are looking up w/your thyroid in check! Wishing you the best of luck.

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