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hi, i need help i took 5 tests and 1 come up clear with two lines and 2 came up with really faint line and 2 came up negative am confused?


  • Urinte is strongest the first time you go in a day.  If testing before af or when af due use first morning urine. 

    different pregnancy tests have different sensitivities.  First response is one of the most sensitive, clear blue not so sensitive.  

    A lot of ladies recommend a pink dye test instead of a blue dye test, they say the result is More accurate and clearer. 

  • I'm in a similar boat. I had 5 pink dyes with super faint positives and then 1 negative one, digital was negative. Went into see my ob for a routine appointment today and told her, she said "you are pregnant no matter how faint the line you are or were pregnant".  So to her a line is a line no matter what. i had bloodwork done it won't be back for 5 days ugh. Had a miscarriage in July and today would have been my due date so I'm hopeful for both of us we get good news. Oh and my ob doesn't do urine pregnancy tests at all. She goes right to blood. She also scolded me for expecting clear results early. :) hope this helps and good luck.

  • I've been to the doctors and he said There is big chance I could be pregnant I have to do a urine test and should get my results back in the next week, use have  been very helpful thank you ladies x

  • Hi there! Why did he say that I'm so curious and excited for you!!!

    do you mean you need to wait for blood test results? I'm waiting for mine should be in Tuesday or Wednesday.  Good luck!!

  • Hlo 6 days late on my periods and i have done a test using the pregnency kit and this is what i got.

    Can smbdy plz intrprt dis really confused...thankuimage

  • Looks likE a strong positive, either schedule a doctors appointment or double check using something like a clear blue digital which should conform how far along you are 

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