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Did my birth control fail?

I have been on birth control since October. me and my boyfriend have sex often. I thought I had pregnancy symptoms in November but I was a false alarm. I took two t and they were negative. My doctor said it might be just the birth control. We continued to have sex and here we are in February and now I have the same symptoms but now I have a little bump. I didn't have much of a period in December, January lasted longe than usual with spotting and now I have no period at all. This is common for the implant, but I don't know how to explain the sickness, tender breasts, and this bump that has been here for 2-3 weeks.


  • have you tested again more recently? If not take another test - if it's negative I would advise you to go back to the doctors and have a blood test done.  It is rare but not all women show up on urine tests

  • No, I haven't taken one recently. I thought it was my birth control, but I'm getting gassiness, increased appeitite, and fatigue As well. Not sure what to do

  • Take another home test, then schedule a doctors appointment and ask for a blood test

  • Is it serious worth being worried about or should I just wait it out?

  • if it's making you feel sick, it's worth getting checked. Also if your using hormone based birth control it may cause damage to the baby if you are pregnant 

  • Do you thing they is enough symptoms there that I should really get a test? I plan on doing in the morning.  I don't want to take one and then be disappointed that I'm not pregnant. How sure are you what me being pregnant.

  • One more thing. I missed my period almost 3 next ago and all I get is white musuc 

  • I'm not sure nobody can need to check though.  As I said even if you are it might not show up on a hpt, it could be the hormones from the implant but better to be safe than sorry.  Your symptoms do sound on course with pregnancy.  

    I'm ttc, 2 of my cycles I've missed a period and had strong pregnancy symptoms, even faint positive results last time, this time negatives.  Doctor has ruled out pregnancy and has put it down to the hormone imbalance associated with PCOS

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